Choosing a Nursing Home


How to Choose the Right Nursing Home

When a determination is made that a person needs long term care, the prospective resident and family begin the process of choosing an appropriate home. Doctors and hospital discharge planners are the primary source of assistance. Community agencies and consumer directories can be of additional help.

The next step is to schedule visits to facilities to meet with the Director of Admissions and tour the building and grounds. This is an opportunity to evaluate each nursing home. If possible, visit the dining room during a meal. Observe the quality and presentation of the food and whether the staff is available to assist residents who need help.

Other things to observe…


The location of the facility is very important. Proximity to family and friends can mean more opportunities to visit and remain part of the resident’s life.


Matching services to the needs of the resident or patient is of prime consideration.


Residents should be well groomed and engaged in enjoyable, meaningful activities at appropriate physical and cognitive levels.


Staff should be friendly, cheerful and respectful of the residents and genuinely interested in their well being.


The buildings and grounds should be attractive, the rooms well lit and ventilated, and the atmosphere warm and welcoming.


Use your gut. If something doesn’t feel right, then it may not be the nursing home for you or your family member.